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-Forum Rule is very important for all-

*Never to curse and talk badly about peoples.
-You can use slang, like : Bitch,shit,fuck off, .... it's ok we are not kids.

*Never bounce up the posts.
-Means if the post is old you can't write and bounce up it.

*Never open a post that no attached.
-Means you can't open a post about #for example "sex".

*Never not copy or not copy from old posts and post it on again.
- #for example if somebody write about "New Idea" so you not open a more one.

*Never spam in same post.
-Means if you write and forget something you can't open a new post #help use edite to fix what you want to...

I hope that you understand and get it.
-If you not understand cuz your english is bad use : http://milon.morfix.co.il/

-For Real Stupids.
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-Forum Rules-
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