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Planet - RolePlay

Well here I will learn people how to be rp and how not get ban/warn/kick.

Lets start :

Mafia Rules:
-If you are a mafia you can't do DM like in DM server cuz of you Mafia
-You can't Rob people like a water so we make a new Rule *You can't rob people alone you have to be 3+ poeple and in (GodFather or UnderBoss).
-Selling Toys only ShotGun/M4A1/MP5/Deagle - Not more.
-Weapon to use ShotGun/M4A1/MP5/Deagle/AK47/Sniper Rifle - Not more.
-Use Rp /ad
*Selling Toys From "__" -Weapons.
*Selling Candies "__" -Drugs.
*Never write in /ad looking for people for my mafia - or something like this.
-Leaders learn your mafia which car to use...
-Never leave your car in City if you see your car remove it to your base.
*We are not kidding with people now we want Role Play.

-You can't start to shot on people without reason
-You can't Tazer/Cuff people without reason + use this commands
*/me take out the tazer from belt.
*/me take out cuffs from the belt.
-Never leave your car in City if you see your car remove it to your base.
-About tickets I will learn you what is RP ticket.
*For not good parking 50-150$.
*For crazy driving 350-500$.
*For not listing 100-150$.
-You can't give /su and arrest people less than 4 Rank.
-You have to listen your boss if not you will kicked and than dont cry - Cuz it's your problem.

Civilian (Means all who playing here)
-You can't buy guns and shoot like a bitches.
-You can't drive like a bitch
-You can't robbed people without be in any gang/mafia or if you are a big robbed and with 4+ people.
-Do not play with Admins/Poeple like:
*Take a bike and jump on the cars and fuck people.
*Never spam on chat OOC/IC.
-You have to learn that OOC is Out of Game / IC In Game.
-Drive by You can't Use "q" and shoot.
-GTA You can't to steal cars from people.
-Do not use /w in RP way.
Ok now stop ask at /o who is the leader of this and who is the leader of this:
If you want to know all the info just get in the forum and if you forget the forum ask in /o.

In this forum you have to write all...
If you want to report about a player that non stop do non rp.
If you want report about an admin.
If you want to be a leader of any Oranztion or invited.
New ideas for our server.
Any bugs.
Shits that you not like.

All other rules in old Server Rules...

Site for help your English : http://milon.morfix.co.il/

The end we are not kidding with people...
*We will give Warn after 3 Kicks.
*We Will Banned people that use Cheats without talk before.

/If you are reported and you see that the guy not kicked that means that you are makes too much reports or we are waiting for more report to make it sure.
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-Server Rules-
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