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[First Name]:Sergey
[Last Name]:Petrov

[Why do you think we should make you leader?]:i think you should make me the leader cuz i am very good in leggal stuf and i was Director at Lv

[Do you think know and respect all RP rules?]:yes i think i am

[Tell us about your life in 5-7 lines]:
my life started when my mom has daed only my dad was with me and my dad was the director so i was alone most o time one day my father camed allrey home i asked him whats going on and he didnt answered me in that day in the night i heard a shoots from the street i looked out and all i saw is my dad kiiled laying on the street the police finded some how that the mafia did it they got the mafia and they didnt get my dad his freinds saved me and they helped me to sleep cuz i couldent sleep cuz i though they come kill my dad's freinds and then i will have no one that can save me and then they will come and kill me so when i was 23 iwas assiant director and then the director death so i replaced him since then i am the director o LV


[First Name]:Gideon
[Last Name]:Lapshun
[Roleplay 0-10]:10
[English 0-10]:9.5
Test RP:

PowerGaming:משחק מוגזם למשל /me מרים את הבית

MetaGaming:שימוש ידע או או סי לאייסי למשל קוראים לי סרגי אז במשחק אייסי הוא לא מכיר אותי והוא אומר היי סרגי

BugAbuse:שימוש באגים לרעה


GTA:לקחת אוטו מאחרים בשיטה NON RP

להרוג בלי סיבה:DeathMatch
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Meet me in game.
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[בקשת] לידר אפ בי איי
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